EKAFREE: EU-Korea Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics Experts Building Project
 Scholarships and Tuition Fee

Scholarships Scheme and Tuition Fee


European Students

The tuition fee for the programme is set at € 4,500 per year. However, EKAFREE scholarship students are waivered the tuition fee for the second year. Hence, they will have to pay 4,500 only 1 time (to be paid before the beginning of the first year).

For the period spent in South Korea (= second year), EU EKAFREE scholarship students will receive a scholarship of in total 11,500 Euro, to be disbursed in the following matter:

  1. Fixed contribution for travel expenses of 1,500 EUR.
  2. A pro ratio monthly allowance of 1,000 EUR (max. 10 months).
  3. All students are provided (for both years) with a complete worldwide covering insurance.

This means all expenses for the second year are covered!

These scholarships are provided through the European Commission's Industrialised Countries Instrument Education Cooperation Programme (ICI-ECP) 






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